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How to Be Well Groomed

Published 1949

Siblings Don and Sue show how they keep themselves well groomed throughout the school week and for their Friday night dates.

Run time 10:06
Producer Coronet Instructional Films
Sponsor N/A
Audio/Visual Sd, B&W


Don and Sue show how they keep themselves well groomed throughout the school week and for their friday night dates. They give attention to their health, posture and cleanliness and learn to take good care of their clothes.

Ken Smith sez: This film details the grooming rituals of brother "Don" and sister "Sue". Both are incredibly neat; in fact, grooming seems to occupy their entire day, while their evenings are spent ironing outfits and polishing shoes. A man and woman narration team take Don and Sue's side with lines such as, "They look like the kind of people you'd like to know, don't they?" The narrators also point out specifics. "Sue avoids red nail polish, as it would call attention to her stubby hands." Don and Sue's "room" features what must be the world's smallest closet, which makes their extensive wardrobes all the more amazing.

ironing; shining shoes; polishing nails; alarm clock; waking up in the morning; selecting a tie; cleaning fingernails; combing hair; looking in mirror; eating breakfast;
"Sue avoids red nail polish since it would call attention to her stubby hands."
"Mother too keeps up a good appearance even around the house for that keeps up her spirits."
"Their good grooming habits help them in friendships and business. For your success depends a great deal on how you look."
CLEANLINESS CLOTHES HYGIENE SCHOOLS DATES GROOMING POSTURE HEALTH Health and hygiene Cleanliness Grooming Teenagers Families Siblings Brothers Sisters Bathrooms Makeup Cosmetics Clothing Dressing Children Fashion Gender roles Behavior Social guidance Nail polish Fingers Fingernails Bedrooms Waking up Bed (going to) Sleeping Alarm clocks Mornings Washing
Danger Lurks Safety


Reviewer: JayKay49 - - December 11, 2012
Subject: Bordering On Parody
My god you'd think those were two medical school applicants staying in a hotel across from the school, and its the evening before that big make ya or break ya interview. I can't think of any other event that would have kids acting in such an obsessive compulsive manner.

The movie implies that they do this everyday. Well, I guess they do - that is, any day that the film crew from Coronet is in house. Anything for a paycheck.

Those people at the breakfast table...oh, they have parents? I thought they were orphans up until that scene. Geez those kids do everything in that house....I thought the boy was gonna resole his shoes right there in the kitchen.

Girls sure spent a lot of time combing their hair in those days. I mean, if you've seen a few of these films, think about it.
Reviewer: bestpbx - - June 10, 2009
Subject: DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!
Do not fall for this!!!! They are lying to us!!!!
If you go to be right after polishing your nails, your fingernails will be so fuzzy they will look like you have glued cotton balls to them!

Sue is trying to get you to have fuzzy nails so she will look better than you!!!!!!!

Sue is mean.
Reviewer: Kittenfish - - March 16, 2006
Subject: Golly Jeepers They Look Neat!
This Coronet film should be shown to all those kids with their pants falling of their hips and their underwear hanging out. Not to mention the girls who dress like streetwalkers. What happened to the idea that being clean and neat in appearance showed respect for yourself and the others that had to look at you all day.
Did anyone notice that the bedroom was the same one from Dick York's insomnia film?
Reviewer: ERD - - February 28, 2006
Subject: Lots Of Extra SpareTime !
When you have a lots of extra spare time, you can spend it all on grooming! This film seems so idealisitic and regimented when compared to today's living. Of course, people had different
standards back in 1949.
Reviewer: Mozartluvstuna - - February 27, 2006
Subject: Nice Life
....if only life were as simple for me as it is for John and his sister
Reviewer: Spuzz - - August 2, 2003
Subject: Or: How to make your friends laugh at you
Don and sue, two, oh why don't I just say it now, obsessive compulsive kids, are almopst fanatical in their everyday cleaning habits. Buttons sewn on! shirts ironed! nails clean! matching clothes! The narrators, apparently the work load required 2 narrators, bubble along happily as if this type of behavior is normal. Pretty standard fare. Bonus points: The father figure is in "Are you ready for marriage?"
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